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Observing Renzo Savini's collection, we're far removed from the idea of a methodological and analytical archive. A cultured man, born in Bagnacavallo in 1931, with a classical education, he first studied at classical high school at the College ‘Alla Querce' in Florence, and then took a degree in law at the University of Bologna where he met Nina de Beni, a student at the Faculty of Agriculture, who he would then marry.
His daily activity as a professional and father of a family was constantly characterised by a meticulous artistic approach with a very personal methodology. This careful research, begun in the 1960s, and concluded only after the death in 2018.
The creator of our collection knew how to discern abstract forms. A single stone in silicon was, in his eyes, a microcosm in which to catch signs and forms of the macrocosm. He brought out the energy inherent in these stones with an authentic staging in the arrangement, nature thus becoming an artifice as in the ephemeral settings of the late Renaissance.
Stones in dialogue and in tension between them and with the surrounding space.
Taken from the text by Maria Katia Tufano