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Educational event

Educational event

Sunday 28 May 2023 at 11:00


HISTORIA Valorization of Cultural Heritage proposes an atelier at CASAMUSEORENZOSAVINI: the paper.
We reflect on where books are and what they are for, through supporting graphic materials and interaction.
The book is a bridge tool between different worlds and spaces. Tool to express yourself and your experiences. The book is a privileged tool of the educational experience and our experience in the atelier will start from the manufacture of its raw material, paper.
By recycling sheets reduced to small fragments, mixing with potassium alum and soap, we will use the traditional modules and looms to make the sheets of paper by hand which we will then hang out to dry.


We will become aware of the industriousness of this production, of the variety of styles, weights, aesthetic aspects of the material and we will use these observations to look with new eyes and curiously create our own paper product. Using colored cards and papers, we will experiment with binding and pop-up techniques inspired by the precious handicraft objects present in the House Museum.
We will observe formats, illustrations, materials from the world of books and paper. Each participant will be able to bring the finished works with them or go back to the museum later to recover what requires drying times.


Minimum number of young participants: 10
Reservation is mandatory.


Info and reservations:


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